giving back


One of the core values of KWM Eyecare is service. From the beginning we have believed that it is important to be involved in the giving of our time and resources. Throughout the year, we give our time and talents to help build up the people around us and ministries and organizations who inspire us all to greatness.

Each of our doctors has had the privilege of serving the patients of Volunteers in Medicine on a monthly basis for the last several years. It has and continues to be a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the lives of people who have traditionally struggled to find the healthcare they need.

We, along with a primary care doctor and a local dentist, were able to provide comprehensive health services to homeless patrons of the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. We were able to provide several men and women with prescription eyewear that improved their quality of life.

We have partnered with CFC for the last 4 years providing a fun marketing campaign with yellow cards. We have enjoyed watching the success of CFC and enjoyed participating with this organization that has garnered widespread support from the Chattanooga community. This soccer moment: brought to you by Drs. Kapperman, White, and McGarvey.

snack pack outreach
woman holding child
doctors holding identification badges