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Lenses & Frames

One of our top priorities as a premier eye care provider is offering the very best of technology and fashion available in the eye care industry. At KWM, we provide a wide array of premium optical products.

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Lenses at KWM

At the core of every pair of glasses is the lens. You may see the lens as a clear piece of plastic. We see the lens as an advanced piece of technology that millions of dollars of research and development have gone into perfecting. At KWM, we recommend products designed by Essilor, the proven leader in the manufacture of advanced technology lenses.

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Vision Correction at All Distances

For individuals needing vision correction at all distances, your lenses will be made with Essilor's premium brands Varilux and TruClear. Varilux and TruClear lenses are digitally surfaced by computerized cutting tools on both the front and back surfaces resulting in the widest fields of vision, smoothest transition zones, and the least amount of distortion as you make changes in your working distances throughout the day.

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Non-Glare Lenses

Crizal Non-Glare treatment is a method of manufacturing a lens that allows it to block reflections and facilitates transmission of light through the lens. Less light reflected means more light is reaching your retina. Don’t hide the windows to your soul behind the glare of substandard lenses. You will see the world more clearly and friends, family, colleagues, and clients will be able to see you better when your lenses are manufactured with Crizal coatings.

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Lenses for Screen Time

Eyezen lenses address one of the most compelling issues that our eyes are facing today, increased screen time. Studies are showing that many adults and some school-aged children are on devices with LED screens over nine hours a day. This may include computers, laptops, tablets, reading devices, and phones. Eyezen branded lenses relax the focus of our visual system and block a portion of the blue light that we are exposed to while we are using these devices. For professionals and students who spend hours of time on a computer, the use of Eyezen lenses can dramatically reduce eye fatigue at the end of a long day.

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Specialty lenses at KWM

Rarely does our favorite hobby and our profession require the same attire. We rarely see hikers wearing ties or golfers wearing uniforms. In the same way, we should not expect that a single pair of glasses will accomplish all of the things that we want a pair of glasses to accomplish.



Sunwear is the perfect blend of form and function. Sunglasses have long been considered a fashion item. Whether you like the traditional look of a pair of Ray Ban aviators, the crisp colors of a Maui Jim set of fishing glasses, or the athletic look of the Oakley Prizms, we can all agree that your outdoor activities are enhanced by the look and feel of your sunglasses.

We now know the harmful effects of UV radiation on our bodies. Our eyes are no exception. Functionally, it can not be overstated the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation. All of our sunwear is designed to block 100% of both UV A and UV B wavelengths. Our highly trained opticians can make recommendations about colored filters and polarization based on your lifestyle needs.

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Work Related

Whether you work behind a desk or in a factory, your eyes are impacted by what you do at work. At KWM, we do our very best to uncover those needs and make specific recommendations about what lenses would be best for your line of work.

Office lenses address the specific needs of those who find themselves behind a laptop or multiple monitors for several hours a day. A computer lens utilizes the top two-thirds of the lens for focusing on the distance specific to the position of the monitor. The bottom third of the lens gives the individual greater clarity for things such as spreadsheets or reading materials positioned inside the distance of the computer monitor.

Safety lenses provide added protection for individuals working in dangerous work environments. While all glasses should be resistant to scratches and free of glare, safety glasses accomplish this and prevent dangerous breaks or a failure when confronted with projectiles or other various impacts. Safety lenses are more impact resistant and are often paired with frames that are made with sturdier plastics and metals.

Frames at KWM

We offer a wide variety of frames that will meet practically every need. From high-end fashion frames, to sunglasses, to children’s frames, we’ve got you covered.

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Sunwear Frames

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Featured Frame Brand

Arbor Frames

Arbor Frames

Inspired by a love for the outdoors, Arbor blends the natural beauty of wood with modern lightweight resins to bring you a product that is both stylish and well fitting.  

In Arbor’s Tree +3 program, for every frame sold, they donate the cost of planting a tree through the organization One Tree Planted. In addition to this, they donate 3% of their profits to help find homes for kids in foster care and orphanages around the world. Arbor is a brand that is successfully accomplishing both a commitment to style and substance.

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Children's Frames

At KWM, we believe that a successful practice serves people of all ages. To that end, we have a special place in our hearts for the children who represent our future.

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We offer one of the widest arrays of frames designed for children under 12, including infants and toddlers. Many frame manufacturers that provide styles for adults also have a wide variety of offerings for children, including Nike, Lily Pulitzer, Ray Ban, and Guess.

These fashion-forward frame lines have changed the storyline for children who require corrective lenses. No longer is a prescription for glasses a cause for concern or social anxiety for children. They can feel confident and assured as they wear glasses to help them to see better. Other frame lines from recognizable brands that cater to children include Sketchers, Tony Hawk, and New Balance.

For younger children, we offer the specialty line Nano. Nano caters to children five and younger.  We all know that little ones can be rough on glasses. Nano combats this reality by providing frames that are unbreakable, adjustable, adaptable, light, flexible, comfortable, and colorful. We bet you couldn’t break this frame if you tried.

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