Q&A with Dr. Kapperman: What is Vision Source?

When people look at our logo, they see two things. The first, of course, is our name “Drs. Kapperman, White and McGarvey Eyecare.” The second is two words that we get asked about quite a bit. Those words are “Vision Source.” Since this is a popular question at our office, we felt it would be a great idea to sit down with Dr. Kapperman and ask him to explain what Vision Source is and what it has to do with our office. 

Question: What is Vision Source? 

Answer: Vision Source is the world's largest network of independent optometrists. Everyone in the network are all doctors who own their practice. They're not owned by other entities, and so we feel like it leads to a group of the best practicing doctors, highly successful doctors that are implementing best practices. Kapperman, White and McGarvey have been members of Vision Source since 2008.

Question: Why did you choose Vision Source over other networks of eye doctors?

Answer: Basically, the history and large footprint of the organization. Vision Source is made up of over three thousand providers, and it is the largest purchaser of optical goods, ever more than LensCrafters and Walmart. This means that for the last approximately eight years, Vision Source is the biggest purchaser of optical goods. That includes eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, optical equipment, and exam equipment. It includes things like eye drops and just everything related to eye care. Part of the strength of Vision Source is our vendors. Vision Source negotiates with our vendors for better pricing because, again, the volume is so great. What's even more amazing than that is the exchange of ideas, and especially when Vision Source gets together with their meetings. We’ve learned so many things that other offices are doing all across the country that help us to be a better practice.

Question: How does your partnership with Vision Source value your patients? 

Answer: The biggest thing is that  it helps us to provide better care for our patients. It helps enhance our services by helping us learn the best practices and implement newer equipment. Vision Source is on top of the latest technologies. Whether it's equipment or whether it's materials, like contact lenses, we are the first group that gets the new products for us in our office. For instance, we're going to be getting a virtual visual field device. That device was introduced at Vision Source Exchange a couple of months ago, and we are excited about getting new technology to help our patients. 

Question: What does it mean to have the Vision Source name displayed on your logo?

Answer: The Vision Source logo identifies us as one of the top offices in our area and in the country. When I have a patient that's going to move anywhere in the country, I say,” look for a Vision Source office,” and then I'm very comfortable that they're going to be seeing one of the best practitioners in the area. Vision Source attracts those upper, better quality doctors in the organization. We are proud to have the Vision Source name on our front door and to be identified as part of the best-practicing optometrist groups! 

Question: Vision Source says their members are committed to “preserving the heritage of independent eye care.” What does this mean to your office? 

Answer: Simply put, it means that we can kind of control things. We're not directed by a corporation that's driving profit or organizational decisions. We can make decisions independently, which means, we think that's going to make better decisions for our patients because we're not under a corporate umbrella that's demanding more profit all the time, or telling you what hours to work, or what equipment you can use, or what products you have to use. I firmly believe that leads to better care for the patient.

Question: What opportunities have you been presented with as a Vision Source member? For instance, we know that Dr. White recently spoke about Neurolens at Vision Source Exchange. Also, why should patients be happy that you’re part of Vision Source?

Answer: Our doctors have had the opportunity to present at some of the Vision Source conferences, and not only to present but to learn from others. So again, it's this idea of sharing best practices with others. A big part of Vision Source is giving back, and we want to share with other offices the good things that we have done in our office. That's the opportunity. It's a two-way sharing vehicle for us to be able to exchange ideas. In fact, the national meeting is called the Exchange, and it's just that, an exchange of ideas and practices. That's the most valuable part about Vision Source.

For our patients, it’s incredibly beneficial that our organization is part of Vision Source. We are able to provide the best products, we receive the best training, and we are able to have the highest quality, most up-to-date technology in our office. 

If you would like to know more about Vision Source, feel free to ask any of our doctors at your next appointment. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.